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Wedding Dress Alterations

A properly tailored gown should provide support and enhance your bust, emphasizing your curves, while the hem gently brushes the floor as you walk down the aisle. This creates a magical effect on your special day. However, it can turn into a mishap if the gown is excessively long and poses a tripping hazard. Many factory-made dresses are designed with a generous bust and extra length, allowing taller individuals to customize them to their preference. 


It's essential to note that altering a gown to add material is more challenging than removing it. It's best to get a dress that is a little longer; dresses can be taken in, but not all dresses can be let out.

Who to take with you:

Bring someone whose opinion you trust. This person should give critical feedback and take photos and notes. 

What to take with you:

Heels: it's important to know the hem length. Your undergarment options, your veil, and any jewelry you plan to wear. 

Approximate Costs:

Estimating a standard range for wedding dress alterations is challenging due to numerous variables. The cost depends on the complexity of the alterations, your location, the chosen seamstress or tailor, and various other factors. If we had to put a minimum cost on alts, we'd say $400+. Expect to pay a premium for materials like georgette, charmeuse, and chiffon. 

Where to get your gown altered:

I highly recommend getting your dress altered by a seamstress who specializes in wedding gown alterations. 

When to get your gown altered:

How many fittings:

Minimum two, but be prepared for three. Schedule your final fitting two or three weeks before the wedding to avoid body changes 

Most common alterations:

  • Hemming the length 

  • Adding a waist stay 

  • Altering the neckline 

  • Adding sleeves 

  • Shortening the straps 

  • Adding bra cups 

  • Taking in the sides

Bustles and Trains:

If your gown features a train, engage in a conversation about bustling options with your seamstresses. Capturing a video tutorial on how to bustle your dress is crucial. Ideally, the individual attending your fittings should practice the bustle to ensure a smooth execution on your wedding day. A well-executed bustle not only secures the train but also enhances comfort during the reception, enabling you to move gracefully.


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